Auroralove Ionic Air Purifier Fresher,USB Car Air Humidifiers,Solar Anion Humidifier,Aromatherapy Car Essential Oil Diffuser,Ultrasonic Car Humidifier with Adjustable Mist Mode(Black)

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  • Power: Solar power storage / 5V external power supply, with solar charging system,energy saving, simple and convenient. In addition, it also can use the car socket/ USB charging. Full charge takes about 3 hours, you can sustain uses of 6-8 hours
  • Car air Purifier area 5.11*1.18 (inch), new ABS environmental protection material as the main body, petite size, streamline modeling, soft color collocation, Easy to carry, easy to use.
  • Air cleaner, ultrasonic atomizer, spray reaches nano scale, Delicate and soft, Let dry skin to achieve the perfect moisturizing state.
  • With aroma diffuser function. Fill with your favorite fragrance that can lift your mood and relieve stress, perfect for stubborn smoking and pet odors. Helps with allergies, sleep, cold and flu symptoms
  • Portable mini smart air humidifier USB travel humidifier essential Oil aroma diffuser and personal cool mist ultrasonic humidifier for car, hotel, travel, office, home

Product Details

Product Description


Used energy: solar energy storage or 5V external power
Consumed power: ≤0.6w
Negative ion concentration: 300000pcs/cm
Ozone concentrations: ≤0.02 ppm
Humidification amount: 15ml/h
Aromatherapy machine capacity: 100ml
Usable area: 2-30㎡
Usable range: Cars, household, official business, entertainment and so on.

Package Contents:

1 x Air Purifier
1 x Car Charger
1 x USB Data Cable
1 x Water Bottle
1 x Non-slip mat
1 x Manual


1) Please use purified water, prohibit the use of tap water to prevent blockage of spray holes affect the fog effect. If the port is blocked out of the fog, with a clean cotton swab to gently wipe clean water fog mouth, and then continue to use.
2) Do not fill the aroma was free to move, and do not invert, so as not to affect the fluid leakage circuit.
3) This machine have any quality problems, please contact the buyers, is strictly prohibited disassemble the machine.
4) when filled with liquid, the product can work continuously for about 8 hours, to avoid anhydrous. When the water tank, this time no fog spray mouth spray, if it continues to use, turn off the power, re-purified water was added to the tank through the filling opening and pure essential oils(not include) can be dropped.
5) for a long time without use, turn off the power, unplug it.
6) When the indoor temperature is below 0 degrees freezing tank, please stop using, so as not to cause damage to the original device after the water freezes.


1. charging power lantern light, full of electricity can be automatically extinguished.
2. The initial boot Probably not spray, please repeatedly debugging, and use a cotton swab to wipe the atomizing sheet.
3. Machine will automatically shut after 1 hours, if you need to continue to work, please re boot.

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